Meat, Wagu at Berkeley Bowl

In our meat department you’ll find a remarkable selection of beef, poultry, pork and lamb as well as the benefit of a full-service meat counter.

That means you – the customer – decide exactly which cut of meat you’ll be taking home. That also means the expertise and knowledge of our staff is at your fingertips. Fire away with whatever questions you may have – what goes well with what, what type of cut is best for the meal you’re planning, how much will you need to serve so-many people – and our staff is sure to have an answer for you. Also, if you need anything out of the ordinary such as a larger order or a special cut, our staff is again fully capable of meeting your needs.

When you see just how vast our selection is you’ll quickly appreciate the knowledge of our staff. But above all else we take great pride in having only the highest quality meat available. We have always only carried all natural meat. In addition, we feature choice and select grades of beef and a growing selection of organic meat products. Despite our commitment to quality our prices remain extremely competitive.

Berkeley Bowl Meat - Brands

 Pure Grass Fed Beef
Nourished by the Sun


Berkeley Bowl carries Creekstone Farms Meat

Premium Black Angus Beef

Berkeley Bowl carries Smart Chicken

Raised without animal byproducts, antibiotics, or hormones.

Berkeley Bowl carries Keller Crafted Meats.

Sustainable & Non GMO.

Berkeley Bowl carries Stemple Creek Ranch

All Natural, Grass Fed Beef