Seafood at Berkeley Bowl

Our goal is to sell fresh, delicious seafood at a reasonable price with the kind of service that encourages loyalty and provides customer satisfaction.

We buy most of our fresh and frozen seafood from importers, processors, and distributors in San Francisco. We also buy directly from commercial fishermen. We do not place orders over the phone and wait for delivery - we talk directly to the fishermen, salespeople and brokers and make deals for the best products available at the best prices we can negotiate. If the seafood is either too expensive or of inferior quality, we do not make the buy. We cut or fillet most of our fish on-site rather than buy prepared fish which may not be fresh.

Our seafood prices are determined by our costs and our desire to give you the best prices. Our frequent turnover rate of products guarantees high quality, fresh seafood.

All employees in our department are trained to be as helpful as possible. We teach basic fish cutting techniques, cooking methods, proper packaging, and we stress the development of good customer relations skills. Customer comments are taken seriously. All of our employees actively participate in approved sanitation procedures.