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Snacking with a conscious. 

Amazi is a Woman-Owned socially driven tropical fruit snack company, on a mission to help you Snack on Purpose with their made-in-Uganda products!


By partnering with farmers and small businesses in Uganda, they bring organically grown fruits from farm to production, right to you. With every bite you take of their dried jackfruit, dried pineapple, or Salted Olive Oil Plantain Chips (all carried in our bulk section!), you're creating a more connected supply chain, job creation, and market access.


To date, Amazi has created over 170 jobs, supported over 271 individual farmers, and has been able to pay 2-3x the local market wages and prices. 



Why Uganda? Renee Dunn, the founder of the company,  studied abroad and did her thesis research in Uganda. While living there, she was blown away by their organic tropical fruits, bursting with flavors unlike back at home.  But stand after stand, Renee encountered people who traded fruits raw or looked for cheap ways of processing or exporting and heard stories about cocoa farmers never seeing a chocolate bar. She found this anecdote sums up a lot about our supply chains as a whole.

The heart of the problem

Those at the resource were completely separate from the opportunity and innovation that existed in the global market—resulting in high unemployment and food waste. Meanwhile, back at home, consumers were looking for products that serve a higher purpose, there was a huge opportunity missed not only for local industry and job creation but also to satisfy a growing need for US consumers.

Connecting the dots

As someone who is deeply embedded in the world of wellness and natural products—having taught yoga for several years, started a fitness coaching company in college, and had been through her own trials and tribulations with gut issues and disordered eating— Renee connected the dots. Her solution was to connect this ingenuity, drive, and bounty with folks who crave both good food AND story—presumably, YOU!

Amazi now sources directly from farmers, and keeps production in country by partnering with Ugandan businesses. Together,  100% made-in-Uganda products build skills, market access, and create connections in supply chains.


Thank you so much for choosing Amäzi and joining the mindful mission.


"It means the world to me! Happy snacking, RD"

Pick up your Amazi snacks in the bulk department at Berkeley Bowl - and don't forget to bring your re-useable containers!!

For great recipe ideas using Amazi foods, visit the Amazi Foods site and check out their recipes!

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