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Making Bacon. Literally!​

It was a classic tale. Boy meets girl. Romance, marriage, kids, a voracious obsession with food, an underground Brooklyn supper club, a blossoming love of cured meats, a random inspiration for a better way to make an age-old recipe, A LOT of experimenting, unparalleled levels of deliciousness achieved, a bacon empire is born.


Y’know, pretty typical.


The “WE” we keep referring to is Camilo Velasquez and Elisa Lewis. We are a husband & wife team with an amazing crew of dedicated bacon enthusiasts. We are based in Emeryville CA, which is pretty great, and we love what we do.

The Baconer, a Bay Area family-owned business specializing in one glorious product: BACON. Day in day out, we obsess over bacon with the singular goal of making the best bacon in the known Universe. Through years of tinkering and tasty R&D, we’ve perfected a collection of droolworthy bacon flavors, offered in extra thick butcher cuts that just melt in your mouth!

But how? Excellent question!

First, we start with the best pork -- that means responsibly sourced pork belly from family farms. No antibiotics, non-GMO vegetarian feed, no farrowing crates and free to roam!

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