2020 Oregon Street & 920 Heinz Avenue


To ensure a safe and secure environment at the store by administering loss prevention programs to guard against theft, vandalism, and violence; to ensure that all customers and company employees are observing safety and loss prevention policies and procedures.


Reports to Loss Prevention Manager


  1. Store Security
  2. Conduct surveillance of customers, vendors, and employees to detect theft.
  3. Recover company’s assets as well as make apprehensions as needed.
  4. Inspect and monitor the premises, including parking lots, garages, and both interior and exterior of building to deter theft, vandalism, safety issues, car break-ins etc.
  5. Document daily activity and all incidents as well as write accurate and detailed reports for apprehensions and accidents.
  6. Assist store personnel at closing: clear sales floor of customers, monitor the doors, inspect employee packages, ensure that no one enters building after closing, and monitor premises for suspicious activity.
  7. Follows all policies and procedures such as the five step rule, when making an apprehension.
  8. Promotes employees awareness on theft and safety issues (ie. attend safety meetings).
  9. Conducts accident investigations for customers and employees.
  10. Conducts routine bag checks on employees.
  11. Conduct new hire orientations.
  12. Participate in monthly Safety Committee meetings.


  1. Strong communication skills both written and verbal.
  2. Detail oriented and good organizational skills.
  3. Prior LP experience preferred.
  4. Basic math and computer skills required.
  5. Ability to make assessments and decisions in stressful situations.
  6. Works in a professional demeanor at all times.
  7. Prior retail experience preferred.
  8. Must have a strong work ethic and be able to work well both independently and as a team in a dynamic setting.


  1. Ability to lift 50 lbs.
  2. Ability to stand and/or walk for extended periods of time.
  3. High school diploma, GED and or interest in law enforcement.
  4. Able to work varying shifts including early mornings, evenings, and weekends.
  5. Able to understand written and spoken English.

Job Application