Cheese from around the World!

At Berkeley Bowl, we offer a wide variety of cheeses from around the world. We carry a consistent collection of customer favorites as well as new and seasonal cheeses that are offered for a limited time. Our range of fine cheeses includes cheese from cows, sheep, goats, and even non-dairy, nut-based cheeses. You will find one of the best selections of cheese in Northern California at our stores. Our staff of experts will help you select the perfect cheese for any occasion—whether that’s rediscovering your favorite cheese, crafting the ultimate cheese platter, or the best options for wine pairing. When in doubt, ask for a sample to ensure it meets your expectations. We even offer bulk discounts, if you decide you want the whole wheel.

Farm to Table

Berkeley Bowl makes a point to support local farmers whenever possible. We get other cheeses from farmers around the world. Enjoy a chevre from the local Cypress Grove or a deliciously full-flavored, aged Gouda from the Netherlands. Come in and see all the varieties we carry daily.

Cheese for Every Occasion

Our cheese counter offers cheese for every occasion. Whether it’s your everyday cooking cheddar or a flavorsome slice of Spanish Manchego, our staff will help you find the perfect cheese.