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Tl;dr: we make fish from plants and it’s delicious, nutritious, and better for the environment.

Fish. It’s an experience as old as time, or at least since we started building spears and boats and all that. Most of us eat it; in fact, 3.2 billion people around the world rely on it for protein intake. And that’s a cool thing that we can come together as a species to share in a culture of seafood—sorta.

Problem is, if we keep things the way they are, we won’t have anything like that for those who come after us. It’s scary to admit that we’ve already gotten a little carried away with ourselves, and truthfully, we don’t have a ton of fishy friends left in the ocean to hang with.

So, Current Foods arrived on the scene in 2019 with one, clear question: how can we make it work? (a la Tim Gunn).

Well, we tried a few things. Our food scientists tried carving fish out of pumpkins, but it lacked that savory “je ne sais quoi” we were looking for. There was an attempt at wrapping fish in spinach, but our investors kept finding the fish inside and we had to abandon that business model. Someone tried planting a fish in the ground—nothing happened. We even tried simply not eating fish for a while, but that just made us a little sad over time.

We got really close a few times, with no cigar and much frustration. But then, after two and a half years of R&D, we finally realized we just were a little mixed up with our interpretations of “plant-based fish.” With the color of a tomato, protein from a pea, starch from a potato, and oil from algae, Current Foods Tuna and Salmon were born. The taste and texture are, by some food-science magic, just like the real thing. Even better, they have the vitamin B12 and omega-3’s from OG fish, without the microplastics, mercury, or planetary strain.

We invented raw fish made entirely from plants, and that’s still a pretty wild reality to us. It started with the intention to give people the option to try something new and sustainable and ended up with a product that actually can hold its own against big fish and oceanic destruction, all in a single bite. Because in a time where it’s easy to have food that tastes good, shouldn’t it also do good—for you, and the planet?

We invite everyone–even your cringey Aunt Mary—to savor the Current with us. After all, this might be the first time you’ve heard of plant-based seafood, but it definitely will not be the last.

Welcome to the New School of Fish.

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