How We Do Dairy

You will notice right away that our selection is not what you will find in a typical dairy department. We know that people have different needs and tastes, and we strive to offer items that will satisfy any preference. That is why we carry unique local foods alongside items from the other side of the world.

We understand our vast selection can be intimidating at first. Count on us to be able to share our knowledge on every product we carry. Our staff will help you select the product that fits your needs.

Our egg selection is eggs-tensive! Did you know we carry eggs that are: cage-free, free-range, organic, natural, Omega-3, pasture-raised, soy-free and plant-based?

We are also proud of our milk selection: We don’t just carry dozens of types of raw, conventional, and organic cow milks, we also carry goat, sheep, and plant-based milks.

If you would like us to carry a new product, please let us know!