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Life is too short for bad coffee. 

With the rising inflation, products and services cost more than they used to and for the most part, those cost hikes are outside of your control.  However, there is one thing you can control… who you support with your consumer dollars.

Since day one, Unleashed Coffee’s mission is to provide high quality, flavorful coffee to our customers at a fair price while ensuring that our farmers also receive a fair price.

Unleashed Coffee was founded by a Brazilian coffee farmer whose family had been growing coffee for 10 generations. William understood and had experienced firsthand the inequalities and injustices shouldered by the farmers that supplied the coffee industry. Unfair industry practices that left the farmers and their families living with the possibility of losing their farms or in a state of poverty were no longer tolerable for him and he set forward on a path to change it – not only for his family but as a model for all coffee farmers to aspire to. When he teamed up with Valerian, they used their shared mission and vision to build Unleashed Coffee and direct relationships with coffee farmers.

As I learned more about the coffee industry and the injustices faced by many farmers, I knew that I wanted to do my part to make a difference. Since taking the reins from the founders of Unleashed Coffee in January of 2021, I have vowed to follow in their footsteps to ensure fair pricing for both consumers and farmers.

Every purchase of Unleashed Coffee has a direct impact on the farmers that grow our coffees and helps us to further our mission of ensuring fairness in coffee farming. If you’re ready to spend your dollars to make a real difference in the lives of the farmers that grow the coffee you sip, then you’ve found your brew!

If you’d like to learn more about the farmers we work with, read about them here, or you can join Unleashed Coffee, our farming partners, and other coffee lovers in our online community, The Farm to Cup Coffee Club.

As always, reach out if you have any questions about our coffees – I’d love to chat!

~Kelly Abbott
Roaster & CEO
Unleashed Coffee

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