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Full-Time and Part-Time

Location: 2020 Oregon Street


Purpose:  To increase sales and encourage customer loyalty by providing prompt, friendly, knowledgeable customer service as well as a clean and well stocked sales floor in a dynamic, high volume cheese department.

Status:  Reports to Cheese Department Supervisor and Manager.


Customer Service

  • Assist customers with questions, in a prompt, friendly, courteous manner; having an overall familiarity with the store, referring them to other staff when necessary.

  • Be familiar with the variety of cheeses and be able to assist customers with cheese selection by offering samples and suggestions for purchase and ways to serve.

  • Communicate customer comments, requests, and complaints to department manager.


  • Ensure all displays are fully stocked, faced, and rotated to ensure freshness, and to give the feeling of abundance.

  • Prepare product for sale including cutting, wrapping, slicing, and labeling product.

  • Prepare and replenish the sample trays and maintain the surrounding area.

  • Check in and put product away as soon as it is received.

  • Responsible for the maintaining the cleanliness, safety and overall appearance of the department.

Department Maintenance

  • Maintain selling area, displays, packing and storage areas in a safe, clean, orderly manner; this includes garbage removal, cleaning cases, shelves, trays, utensils, etc.

  • Adhere to all city and county food safety and sanitation regulations.

  • Follow established guidelines for the safe use and maintenance of all department equipment. Notify supervisor or manager of any equipment in need of repair.


  • General knowledge and interest in learning about cheese.

  • Basic math skills required.

  • Understanding written and spoken English.

  • Willingness to work with Dairy and Meat products.

  • Willingness to work in varying temperature conditions including wet and cold environments.



  • Ability to lift up to 50 lbs. without accommodation and 80 lbs. with accommodation.

  • Able to stand for extended periods of time.

  • Manual dexterity with hazardous equipment and must be 18 years of age to operate equipment.

  • Ability to work various shifts including early morning, evenings, and weekends.

Pay range: $18.50 - $26.50 per hour


  • 401(k)

  • Dental insurance

  • Employee discount

  • Health insurance

  • Vision insurance

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