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New Year, New care - lucious locks for everyone!


She's gone from brewing concoctions in her dorm room, to stirring things up in her parents kitchen to being featured on the shelves of Berkeley Bowl. 

Jasmine Curtis is on a mission - she's going to feed your hair and bring your curls to life!  Listen as she tells you in her own words how she saved her own gorgeous head of hair and how she's going to help you save yours!

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Makin' Bacon! (Literally)


Bacon. You have to wonder if you need to say anymore really.  What The Baconer does with bacon, is just this side of magical! 

Plus they have the cutest story - 

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Plant-Based Milk Tea? You should give it a Twrl!


Women-owned, plant-based, allergen-free, gluten-free, nut-free, keto-friendly, they've got all the hyphens covered.  Check out the story behind Plant-Based Twrl Milk Tea. and grab yours in the Asian aisle today!

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Holy Mole! This is good stuff!


That Mole isn't a mother sauce is a crying shame. Chef Susana Trilling and her boys are bringing authentic Oaxsan Mole to the Bay area - come get yours at Berkeley Bowl!

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Changing the Cheese Game

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Combine a super relateable cheese addiction, a high bar for things that taste delicious, a talented chef, a dynamic powerhouse of a woman, a desire to make better choices for the planet and for your health, some hemp, and cauliflower, and what do you get?


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Coffee First, Shenanigans Later.

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Some of us (ahem) aren't sure if we have a pulse without our first cuppa in the morning. For the true aficionado, the roasts, the back story, the region, the color - all play a part in the perfect cup.

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Berkeley Bowl Premium Olive Oil and Vinegar


In the production of Olive Oil, fresher is better. Our olive oil production 'chases the crush' following harvests around the world in the US, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Chile, and Australia!

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