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Stefanie & TUYYO Strawberry Agua Fresca .jpg

Stefanie Garcia-Turner is a first-generation Mexican American from San Antonio, Texas. Stefanie longed for a brand that reflected the heritage and culture of Latinos through inspired versions of traditional foods and beverages. She envisioned a brand that would pay homage to her cultural roots and create a sense of unity and nostalgia.

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I got some ice cream I got some ice cream!


Madison Brown is redefining and establishing a new culture of fabulous ice cream. Co-Founded by Jay Jay Brown, son of Roc Nation Co-Founder and Vice Chairman Jay Brown, Madison Brown is a family-focused CPG brand honoring his family.

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Catch Some Delightful Z's


To get the rejuvenation your body needs, deep and relaxing Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep is critical.  It is during REM sleep that dreaming occurs. A wealth of research has shown that dreams are essential for us to process the daily events of our lives.

Deep Sleep® is designed specifically to help people with a variety of sleep problems.


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Revolutionizing Oral Care: The Journey of Mouth Watchers


Step into a world where revolutionary oral care battles dental diseases head-on. Driven by a passion for preventive medicine, Dr. Ronald Plotka embarked on a mission to save smiles from preventable bacterial contamination.


Discover the awe-inspiring journey behind the birth of Dr. Plotka’s Mouth Watchers, the pioneering brand determined to protect teeth for generations to come.

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Unleashing the quality of coffee from farm to cup

unleashed coffee image 2.jpg

Coffee lovers rejoice; we don't drink coffee to wake, we wake up to drink coffee!

Unleashed Coffee changed the game so that Everyone involved in the harvesting process benefits. Farm to cup is the way to go.

Click here to read more about Kelly's amazing journey from school teacher to coffee connoisseur. 

Rize to the challenge

In this day and age, we welcome a feel-good story. This right here is the one for us. So many of us hopped on the sourdough trend during the pandemic, some of us (read: me) not so successfully.  

But Azikiwee Anderson? He got it right. So very very right. So deliciously right!!!

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In the Hands of Professionals Since 1979


You've heard the reputation of Bass Brushes, now try it for yourself! 

Luxury-grade brushes for your hair and body. 

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Do Good, Eat Good - Amazing Amazi!


A snack company with a soul - Amazi aims to go a step beyond ethical sourcing, supporting sustainable supply chains and creating connections all through the production of our good-for-you snacks.


How? We commit to keeping the production process in the country from which we source. With every bite of Amäzi you take, you help close the gap between source and consumer.

Click here to read more about it, and look for Amazi in our bulk department (bring your own reusable containers too!)

Your New Favorite Feel-good snack (It's Kelp!)


12 Tides is a team of ocean activists dedicated to transforming the food system into a force for good for our oceans, and they’re doing it via the world’s 1st regenerative kelp chip.


They’re a BCorp, 1% for the planet partner, and mission-driven startup dedicated to filling our oceans with as much kelp as possible. 

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CURRENT FOODS: The Catch of Tomorrow.

CURRENTFOOD_37 copy.jpg

Plant-based seafood.

To be honest, it was a head-scratcher for a lot of us here at Berkeley Bowl. 

But even for the most skeptical among us, it was love at first bite! The taste, the texture - Current Foods plant-based seafood is like nothing else we've ever tried! 

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Responsible chocolate? Yes, please!

Dr. Bronner's is on a mission to make chocolate delicious and ethical! Working with Swiss chocolatiers, and a dedication to engaging in ethical farming practices, these bars have a lingering delicious chocolate flavor.

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Prime Roots Sandwich

Don't be shy - give Koji a try! Even dedicated carnivores, (me, I mean me, the editor here) have been pleasantly surprised by prime roots! Delicious and good for the planet, this is a great solution to incorporating meat alternatives into your diet.

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Bok Bok Baby - meet our beautiful chick(en)s!

photo bomber chicken

Some of the hardest working ladies of Berkeley Bowl are our chickens on their Petaluma farm. Our pasture-raised chickens are under the watchful care of a farmer dedicated to maintaining a happy flock and two waggly bodyguards to assist.


Click here to read about our visit to the farm

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New Self Care

Garden Of Life CBD Line

Have you considered adding CBD to your self-care regimen? Maybe you’re new to the benefits of CBD? The October 2021 Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 45 into law in the state of California. The law allows for the inclusion of hemp and cannabinoids (CBD), extracts, or derivatives of hemp in food and beverages, dietary supplements, cosmetics and processed pet food provided that they, among other things, contain less than 0.3% THC.

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Good for you, Good for the planet.

chia balance

Sustainable forms of agriculture are vital to the future of our planet and the world's food supply. Click here to read about Seeds Of Wellness and the story behind the chia milk.

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New Year, New care - lucious locks for everyone!

jasmine curtis

She's gone from brewing concoctions in her dorm room, to stirring things up in her parents kitchen to being featured on the shelves of Berkeley Bowl. 

Jasmine Curtis is on a mission - she's going to feed your hair and bring your curls to life!  Listen as she tells you in her own words how she saved her own gorgeous head of hair and how she's going to help you save yours!

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Makin' Bacon! (Literally)


Bacon. You have to wonder if you need to say anymore really.  What The Baconer does with bacon, is just this side of magical! 

Plus they have the cutest story - 

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Plant-Based Milk Tea? You should give it a Twrl!

Twrl Tea

Women-owned, plant-based, allergen-free, gluten-free, nut-free, keto-friendly, they've got all the hyphens covered.  Check out the story behind Plant-Based Twrl Milk Tea. and grab yours in the Asian aisle today!

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Holy Mole! This is good stuff!

Chef Susana Trilling

That Mole isn't a mother sauce is a crying shame. Chef Susana Trilling and her boys are bringing authentic Oaxsan Mole to the Bay area - come get yours at Berkeley Bowl!

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Changing the Cheese Game

Veronica Fil

Combine a super relateable cheese addiction, a high bar for things that taste delicious, a talented chef, a dynamic powerhouse of a woman, a desire to make better choices for the planet and for your health, some hemp, and cauliflower, and what do you get?


Click here to read all about how two Aussies accidentally became hemp cheese moguls.

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Coffee First, Shenanigans Later.

coffee with trucks

Some of us (ahem) aren't sure if we have a pulse without our first cuppa in the morning. For the true aficionado, the roasts, the back story, the region, the color - all play a part in the perfect cup.

Read all about our varieties here.

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Berkeley Bowl Premium Olive Oil and Vinegar

Berkeley Bowl Olive Oil

In the production of Olive Oil, fresher is better. Our olive oil production 'chases the crush' following harvests around the world in the US, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Chile, and Australia!

Click here to read all about our premium olive oil and vinegar!

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