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Pauline Ang and Olivia Chen, UC Berkeley alumni, and friends for 20+ years, have always had a passion for a healthy lifestyle, sustainability, and a love for Asian milk tea.


As self-proclaimed foodie moms, they wanted something better to drink for themselves and their kids rather than the high-sugar, high-calorie bubble/boba tea options that are currently out in the market — hence Twrl Milk Tea was born! 


Twrl is a premium plant-based milk tea (tea latte) that is amazing in taste, made with organic fair-trade tea from small family farms, with only 45-50 calories and way less sugar compared to other ready-to-drink beverages including traditional boba/bubble tea drinks.


It’s also nitro-infused for a smoother and creamier taste -- without additional fats or creamers! Since Twrl is made with pea milk, it is also (top 8) allergen-free and can accommodate almost all types of diets including gluten-free, keto, nut-free, and dairy-free.

Twrl Milk Tea it is only 45-50 calories and 6-7g of sugar per can. It’s a great guilt-free coffee alternative, dessert treat, and afternoon pick-me-up! Twrl is a 100% women-founded and minority-owned company.


Fun Fact: Pauline, a former Design Director with 15 years in branding and packaging design, is the mastermind behind Twrl Milk Tea’s clean and beautiful packaging design with its emphasis on sustainability through little details including choosing recyclable aluminum cans.

How awesome is that?!?

Q: Why did you guys start Twrl Milk Tea? 


A: We created Twrl Milk Tea because we wanted a great-tasting milk tea that is low in calories, low in sugar, dairy-free, and most importantly, made with sustainable and climate-friendly ingredients. We searched everywhere for a guilt-free alternative to cafe-made boba teas — which we were drinking way too much of before we started Twrl! When we couldn’t find this alternative, that’s when we decided we had to create our own. Twrl Milk Tea is also a convenient drink we can grab from the fridge or cooler, take on the road, picnics, parties, anytime, anywhere. With only 45-50 calories and 6-7g of sugar, it’s the perfect pick-me-up that we, along with our kids, could feel good about drinking.


Q: What makes Twrl Milk Tea special?


A: As friends for over 20 years, we share a love for good food and the community we live in. We are super passionate about producing great-tasting, plant-based milk tea, using the best and cleanest ingredients possible, without having to compromise on flavor. We source our teas from small organic multi-generational family farms which use sustainable farming practices that protect the biodiversity and soil health of their natural environment. We’re proud to partner with families that truly care about their land — and it makes the tea pretty darn tasty too!


Another important fact is that Twrl Milk Tea is one of the few ready-to-drink teas in the market that doesn’t use any kind of natural or artificial flavoring in their drinks. Unlike other ready-to-drink teas or coffees in the market which try to cover their lack of tea or coffee flavor with sugar and flavoring, our premium teas can really hold their own without having to add in any extra flavoring or loads of sugar to bring back the taste lost in the manufacturing process.

Our plant-based pea milks are also considered one of the most climate-friendly milks available on the market! In comparison, producing a glass of dairy milk uses almost 3x as much greenhouse gas emissions and 9x more land than the equivalent glass of plant-based milk. The amazing non-GMO pea milk we use consumes 85% less water than almond milk AND less fertilizer compared to other non-dairy milks (like oat, almond, or soy milk). All of this really gets us twrling in excitement!

Quick Facts:

  • 1st plant-based milk tea in the market 

  • 1st ready-to-drink beverage using pea milk 

  • 1st shelf-stable latte with no added flavoring

  • Single-origin, organic fair-trade tea 

  • Low Calories: only 45-50 calories 

  • Way less sugar: 6-7g sugar 

  • Nitro-Infused

  • Top 8 Allergen-Free 

As moms, we greatly value the community we live in and believe strongly in giving back. We actively seek to promote and work with our community, especially minority groups.

To learn more about Twrl, visit and their social media channels:

Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter @twrlmilktea

And see what Bon Appetite has to say about Twrl!

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