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Susana Trilling knows a little something-something about Mole. And Oaxaca, and cooking and teaching cooking, and flavor and heat and traditional Oaxacan food and culture and art and raising sons.


Just saying her name can make you hungry because if you know, you know.

After three decades in Mexico, teaching cooking classes at Seasons of My Heart, authoring multiple cookbooks, and hosting a PBS show, Susana is considered an authority on Oaxacan cuisine. In 1994, she published My Search for the Seventh Mole, A Story with Recipes from Oaxaca, Mexico. Her complex multi-ingredient mole sauces have attracted the attention of chefs worldwide, prompting a wholesale business.


Now, she’s making her authentic Oaxacan mole sauces available to Bay Area home cooks. 

In partnership with her extended Bay Area family, celebrated Oaxaca-based chef Susana Trilling is launching ¡Ya Oaxaca!, is a family endeavor,  that includes sons Kaelin Ulrich Trilling (Chef de Cuisine at La Calenda, Yountville) and Jesse Ulrich Trilling (head of operations.) Bay Area resident Azul Couzens (Jesse and Kaelin’s half-brother) is also a partner and leads marketing, sales, and distribution efforts.


“For me, ¡Ya Oaxaca! is an opportunity to share my love of this beautiful state in southern Mexico, its incredible food, and amazing people,” says Susana. “We are focused on using the best locally-sourced ingredients, like maíz criollo, chilhuacle negro, wild garlic, and our homemade chocolate. After 40+ years of being a chef, living and studying the local cuisine and culture, I’m proud to work with the next generation of my family to present these Oaxacan flavors to the Bay Area.”

Here at Berkeley Bowl, we are thrilled to be one of a handful of exclusive locations to be part of the launch of ¡Ya Oaxaca! heat-and-eat mole!

Traditionally prepared mole sauces contain more than 20 ingredients and often take days to make. Using Susana’s recipes, ¡Ya Oaxaca! heat-and-serve mole sauces offer an authentic taste of Oaxaca. Made with locally grown ingredients, these rich and layered mole sauces are a well-balanced blend of ingredients, including dried and smoked chiles, nuts, seeds, spices, ripe tomatoes, tomatillos, house-made chocolate, and criollo corn tortillas.


¡Ya Oaxaca! mole sauces are available in three flavors:

  • Mole Negro, considered the “king of all moles,” has a well-balanced, rich, and layered chile flavor

  • Mole Coloradito has a slightly sweet and vibrant chile flavor

  • Mole Rojo offers a bright, picante chile flavor


Based on recipes handed down for generations, each mole sauce reflects the family’s deep connection to the community and their love of Oaxacan tradition and culture.


Notable Oaxacan artists Jacobo and Maria Angeles, known for their museum-quality fanciful wooden animal sculptures called alebrijes, created ¡Ya Oaxaca!’s vibrant label artwork.

Check out the recipe for enchiladas, featuring the mole Colorodito here LET'S EAT

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