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With every new year comes new goals, new motivations, and a renewed desire to feel better from the inside out. Planet Rice, known for a wide variety of healthy and hearty grains, is available for purchase at all Berkeley Bowl locations—helping you go even further along your wellness journey.


At Planet Rice, we grow great grains with the intention to support your health and the health of the environment. Our Organic Sprouted Brown Rice—stamped with the USDA’s Certified Organic label—is soft, savory, and full of health benefits. Packed with vitamin E, antioxidants, and fiber, our grains are both nutritious and good for the gut.


As a family business with over 100 years in the rice industry, we know that brown rice hasn’t always been the most popular grain. But we’re here to change that. Rice, like any seed, can be sprouted. And due to our sprouting process, our rice cooks up faster, softer, and tastier than ever before. This also allows our rice’s internal starches and sugars to become healthy amino acids, like GABA.


GABA—or gamma-aminobutyric acid—is a powerhouse amino acid found naturally in the healthy foods you crave. GABA offers benefits for the mind and body, promoting more restful sleep, a balanced mood, and lower blood pressure. As a bonus, sprouted rice contains 10 times more GABA, 11 times more vitamin E, and 7 times more magnesium than white rice. By replacing white rice with our Organic Sprouted Brown, you’re feeding your microbiome with the fiber it needs to support your gut health. With Planet Rice, your wellness goals for 2024 are within reach.


Our Organic Sprouted Brown Rice is one of our many standout, quick-cooking kitchen staples. Whether it's our superfood-strength Power Blend or our one-of-a-kind California Blonde—which is as nutrient-dense as brown rice with the taste and cook time of white rice—find your favorite from Planet Rice. Check out our Rice Roster to try all of our tasty varieties. And because rice is central to countless cuisines around the world, we created an internationally inspired Recipes Page. If you prefer spicy or sweet, rich or light, with our adaptable grains, Planet Rice fits into any dish.


Planet Rice’s products are not only full of health benefits but good for your conscience too. For over five generations, our founders, the LaGrande Family, have been committed to growing grains through sustainable methods. Today, Planet Rice is home to an all-in-one milling, sprouting, and packaging operation in the heart of the Sacramento River Delta.


Alongside other California family rice growers, the LaGrandes have been leaders in regenerative agriculture for more than 20 years. Regenerative agriculture, a conscious land management approach, is rooted in ecosystem and resource preservation that focuses on farming in harmony with nature. These practices strengthen soil health, improve biodiversity, and maintain water quality. Regenerative agriculture also increases resilience to climate change and supports ecosystem vitality.


Additionally, rice paddies in Northern California supply about 95% of California's wetland habitat and support biannual migrations for over 7.5 million waterfowl and shorebirds—giving them a place to rest, eat, and raise their young. The rice harvesting process also sinks carbon back into the soil, providing life-giving energy to the landscape. Further, California’s rice paddies are uniquely water efficient, with 40% of the water needed to grow rice getting reused in neighboring farms and wildlife refuges—fueling ecosystem health every step of the way. 


We are proud to offer nutritious products that make a positive impact on the environment—keeping both the planet and its people healthy. And because Planet Rice owns every part of its end-to-end process, consumers get the highest quality products, guaranteed—so you can fuel better in 2024. Find Planet Rice at Berkeley Bowl today.

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