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Gourmet Japanese, Cult Following

If you know, you know - Originally from Kyushu Japan, Chikara Ono

came to the US in 1986 as a student, working in restaurants in the Bay Area. 

After finishing school, Ono went back to Japan, working at traditional

Kaiseki restaurants for years before moving back to the US in the

mid-'90s, to work for a former boss for a decade, then partnering on

another restaurant venture before striking out on his own and opening

his own restaurants.


BDama started out as a restaurant on Piedmont Avenue where locals in

the area developed a passionate dedication to the quality sashimi and

sushi served there.  Two years later he moved to Swan's Market in

Old Oakland, formerly known by locals as Housewives Market - and became

a counter service Izakaya with a passionate cult following with people

lining up for the Kara-age among other delicious dishes.

Next came Utzutzu in Alameda, followed by a partnership with Michelin-starred chef masa Sasaki to bring us Masabaga a tiny spot in what's now known as Uptown Oakland, serving exquisite tuna belly burgers on fluffy brioche buns. 

Chef Ono has had a long-standing relationship with Berkeley Bowl as the exclusive provider of Sushi and Japanese meals in our deli's grab-and-go selection.  When the pandemic began, Ono also began to sell items from BDama, Delage in the Berkeley Bowl cafe, recently he has added selections from his newest concept - Delacuro Curry - a savory deeply, black curry and delicious sandwiches from Sundo made with a fluffy Japanese white bread imported from Japan. 

Come try the food and see why Chef Ono has the cult following he does.

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