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At Berkeley Bowl, we value our community.

We appreciate the many organizations that work to make Berkeley and the surrounding areas better every day for our community.


We support non-profit and not-for-profit organizations primarily throughout Alameda County.

To submit a donation request, please fill in the form below, in the comments section, please tell us a little about your organization, the goals of the organization, and how our donation would be used to move your agenda forward.

Due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot accommodate every request for a donation.  However, we will read and consider every request that we get and we will respond to the submitter.


To be considered for a donation:

1. The donation request must be received in writing on company letterhead (you'll be able to upload the document below)

2. We do not offer donations to political or politically affiliated organizations

3. Only one donation will be issued per organization per calendar year

While we do need your contact information, please feel free to use the spaces below if you would like, to provide additional information about your organization, the type of donation you seek, and any information you feel would help us make a decision.

4. Please be sure to include your federal tax ID information


Upload File

Thank you for your submission, we will respond shortly with a confirmation of your request.

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