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We are excited to bring you a new opportunity at Berkeley Bowl.

We know restaurant start-up costs can be prohibitive. Between space rental and equipment, the investment can make the dream of running a restaurant out of reach for many talented chefs. We think that's a shame.


Also, we're hungry.


So we're going to invite you - restauranteurs, chefs, food truck operators, and professional pop-up teams to engage in our newest delicious experiment!


Guest Chef's at Berkeley Bowl Cafe! 

We plan to begin in January 2024, so we're taking submissions now to ensure we have the best line-up for our tummies! From the start, we'll offer a couple of slots per week (based on availability) for you and your team to come and take over our cafe. There will be a flat fee to cover our expenses and a % charge of total sales to keep the flat fee affordable. 

You'll bring your team and have full access to our cafe kitchen, including a commercial stove, salamander, brick pizza oven, deep fryers - all the things you expect to find in a well-stocked kitchen. We provide the space, a cashier, and marketing support through our website, social media posts, and a custom newsletter. 

There are a few rules:

  • You need to have the appropriate licenses and training to operate a food service business. 

  • You need to have the necessary insurance (including workman's com) in order to be considered and participate.

  • No alcohol (not even beer and wine) at this time


There are a few other items we'll go over with you if you're selected, but these three are non-negotiable and that ought to be a good start. So tell us what you want to serve up - we'll review your submission and get back to you to figure out the next steps. 

Ready to get started? Take the first step and fill in the application below!

Please confirm you are insured, an have the necessary business licences to operate a food service business
How did you hear about us?

Thanks for your submission!

We'll get back to you ASAP!

Got questions?

Send an email message to 

put "Pop-up for {your restaurant name} questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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