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Location: 2020 Oregon Street

Purpose:  To keep the HABA (Health and Beauty Aids) department fully and attractively stocked, regularly inventory select vendors, provide prompt, friendly, courteous customer service and maintain a presence in the department at all times.

Status:  Reports to HABA Buyer/Supervisor


1. Stocking

  • Stock displays fully without overcrowding; face items on shelves.

  • Rotate older stock to front, making space for new stock or short-coded items.

  • Pull and record damaged products and returns following established procedures.

  • Notify management of out-of-stocks and perform inventories when necessary.

  • Receive and process all orders, notifying HABA Buyer/Supervisor of all discrepancies (i.e. damaged or shorted items) and recording them as set forth by HABA Buyer/Supervisor.

  • Inform HABA Buyer/Supervisor of mislabeled products or missing/inaccurate shelf tags or sales signs and fill out the appropriate tag request form for the Point of Sale department.

  • Monitor all bulk herbs and beauty care items. Fill or replace them as outlined by HABA Buyer/Supervisor as needed.

2. Department Maintenance

  • Keep shelves, coolers, bulk herbs, and bulk beauty care items in clean, orderly condition.

  • Remove packing materials to recycling and bale all cardboard to keep the aisle free of debris.

  • Get credit from suppliers where applicable for returned or low-quality products.

  • Perform inventory checking and recording of select vendors as required by HABA Buyer/Supervisor. Record all completed inventories as set forth by the HABA supervisor.

  • Record items damaged in the aisle on a Loss Log.

  • Participate in quarterly inventory.

3. Customer Service

  • Assist customers with special order requests in a prompt, friendly, and courteous manner.

  • Report customer suggestions, comments, and complaints to HABA Buyer/Supervisor.

  • Stock and maintain displays fully to give a feeling of abundance.

  • Stay in the HABA aisle at all times in order to assist customers and deter theft. Notify HABA Buyer/Supervisor or Loss Prevention Personnel when you will be absent from the aisle.

  • Follow security procedures. Alert management or Loss Prevention of potential shoplifters, disorderly customers, and other emergencies.

  • Assist customers with product questions, in a prompt, friendly, courteous manner, referring them to other staff when necessary. Offer suggestions for purchases and ways to use products.

  • Assist customers in finding and/or using reference materials and product samples.

4. Perform other tasks assigned by HABA Buyer/Supervisor or Management on shift.

  • Attend and participate in staff product trainings and department meetings.



  • Ability to project an outgoing, friendly personality.

  • Experience serving the public.

  • Ability to work as a positive team member.

  • Familiarity with natural foods and nutritional supplements.

  • Communications skills- good listening, clear instructions

  • Enthusiasm and motivation for learning and updating product knowledge

  • Ability to handle multiple demands.

  • Accuracy, attention to detail.



  • Ability to lift 50 lbs.

  • Able to stand for extended periods of  time.

  • Basic math skills required.

  • Able to understand written and spoken English.

Pay range: $19.00 - $27.50 per hour

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