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Full Time


2020 Oregon Street

Purpose: To ensure meat department operations run at an optimal level, to oversee the entire operation of the meat department; to offer high-quality products (meat) at competitive prices to customers and to provide excellent customer service; to ensure profitability and customer satisfaction


Status: Reports to Meat/Seafood Department Manager/Buyer



  1. Order fresh meat and seafood to meet customer demand, following Meat and Seafood buyer’s guidelines.

  2. Review and track invoices for accuracy, break into inventory categories, and send to Meat Coordinator on a daily basis.

  3. Get credit from suppliers where applicable for returned or low-quality product. See that unsellable items are recorded and properly disposed of.

  4. Receive deliveries following established procedures:

  1. Check deliveries for damage, quality and accuracy.

  2. Rotate deliveries into storage.


  1. Implement promotions, sales and pricing strategies developed by Meat Buyer.

  2. Plan attractive meat and seafood displays, following standards of Meat Buyer.

  3. Prepare cuts of meat for best yield and customer appeal.

  4. See that displays are replenished, rotated, checked for quality.

  5. Product should be priced according to price list as set by Meat buyer.

  6. Assist customers with product questions and special orders. Offer suggestions for purchase and preparation in a friendly, courteous manner.

  7. Maintain clear and accurate signs using in-house sign program provided by Marketing.

Depart Maintenance

  1. Maintain meat displays, freezer, prep and storage areas in clean, safe, and orderly condition, meeting health department standards.

  2. Conduct monthly inventory counts.

  3. Maintain department equipment in working order. Advise Store Manager of equipment in need of repair or replacement. Inform all staff and post caution signs on equipment that is not operating properly.

  4. Ensure inter-store transfer procedures are followed.

  5. Keep daily temp logs on all refrigerated equipment


  1. Assist Dept Manager is selecting qualified candidates for the department.

  2. Ensure on-the-job training with Meat/Seafood Department Training Checklist.

  3. Ensure that safety violations, hazards and accidents are documented and addressed.

  4. Conduct performance evaluations.

  5. Take disciplinary action as needed following established policies.

  6. Schedule labor hours within payroll allocation. Review exception reports.

  7. Organize department meetings and monthly safety meetings.

  8. Set daily work priorities for all department staff.

      Perform other tasks assigned by Department Manager


  1. 1-3 years of experience in meat cutting, merchandising, and customer service.

  2. Ability to work as a positive team member

  3. Knowledge of federal, county and city sanitation regulations.

  4. Communications skills--good listener, clear instructions.

  5. Demonstrated ability to follow through on commitments.

  6. Demonstrated ability to handle multiple demands.

  7. Supervisory experience--hiring, training, evaluating, directing.

  8. Basic computer skills


  1. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

  2. Able to stand for two or more hours at a time.

  3. Manual dexterity with hazardous equipment.

  4. Must be 18 or older to operate meat equipment.

  5. Able to work varying shifts including early morning, evenings, and weekends.

  6. Basic math skills.

  7. Able to understand written and spoken English.

Pay range: $24.00 - $29.50 per hour


  • 401(k)

  • Dental insurance

  • Employee discount

  • Health insurance

  • Vision insurance

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