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Part Time and Full Time


2020 Oregon Street and 920 Heinz Ave


To provide prompt, friendly, helpful, well-informed service to customers and assist in the operations of a fast-paced produce department.


Reports to Produce Department Manager and Supervisor.





  1. Ensure all displays are fully stocked, faced, and rotated to ensure freshness, shop ability, and to give an appearance of abundance.

  2. Replenish and rotate product throughout the day, following established standards for handling, rotation and quality.

  3. Prepare product for sale such as trim, wash, and bundle produce.

  4. Maintain a safe, clean work area. Adhere to all city and county guidelines for food safety.

  5. Cull displays several times daily, recording and disposing of low-quality produce following established guidelines.

  6. Review signage for accurate description, price, and country of origin (COOL).


Customer Service

  1. Actively greet customers as they enter the department.

  2. Answer questions in a prompt and courteous manner, as well as have an overall familiarity of the store. Referring to other staff and /or departments when necessary.

  3. Offer tastes, samples, suggestions for purchase and ways to prepare produce.

  4. Help customers place special orders.

  5. Report customer suggestions, comments, and complaints to the Produce Department Manager.


Department Maintenance

  1. Maintain produce cases, walk-ins, prep, and storage areas in clean, safe, and orderly condition, meeting health department standards: remove trash promptly, break down boxes, clean cases, wipe surfaces, wash sink and buckets, clean up spills, sweep the retail floor as needed.

  2. Use and maintain equipment as intended in a safe manner. Advise Produce Department Manager of equipment in need of repair.

  3. Monitor cooler temperatures. Notify management of unusual temperature changes.

  4. Check deliveries for damage, quality, and accuracy. Verify piece count

  5. Help with unloading and put the product into storage as needed. Ensuring proper rotation.

  6. Conduct inventory as directed.



  1. Ability to project a friendly, outgoing personality and work as a positive team member.

  2. Outstanding customer service skills and interest in serving the public.

  3. General knowledge of and interest in produce preferred.

  4. Demonstrated ability to handle multiple demands.

  5. Must have a strong work ethic and be able to work well both independently and with a team.



  1. Ability to work various shifts including early morning, evenings and weekends.

  2. Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.

  3. Ability to stand for extended periods of time.

  4. Manual dexterity with hazardous equipment.

  5. Must be 18 years of age to operate equipment.

  6. Willingness to work in varying temperature conditions including wet and cold environments.

  7. Able to understand written and spoken English.

  8. Basic math skills required.

Pay range: $19.50 - $28.50 per hour


  • 401(k)

  • Dental insurance

  • Employee discount

  • Health insurance

  • Vision insurance

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