Promotion with Berkeley Bowl represents an opportunity to reach and connect with our customers in high visibility placements on and offline, leveraging Berkeley Bowl’s brand equity among our loyal customer base.


In-store strategies increase visibility among competitive brands, with end caps, displays, and premium placements on product shelves.



Online, promotion includes social media promotion to our 10K+ highly engaged followers on Instagram and 11K followers on Facebook.



As an independent retailer, we understand the importance of understanding your audience and targeting promotions to an audience that can help the business grow.



With over 12,000 daily distinctive in-store visitors and a growing e-commerce initiative, vendors have a unique opportunity to grow brand equity with a desirable target market.

A promotional package with Berkeley Bowl places your brand directly in the path of engaged, self-selected consumers who are actively engaged in the process of shopping!

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Demographics of the Berkeley Bowl Shopper

Berkeley Bowl serves the city of Berkeley, Oakland, Richmond, and other cities in the surrounding area.

Our shoppers reflect the diversity of Berkeley and the greater East Bay region.

The most loyal customers even come in from as far away as Sacramento and Tahoe to shop here!


Our promotional packages are designed to increase visibility and generate awareness on and offline to our customers in store and across our digital footprint.



  • No-fee in store vendor demos for the first 30 days

  • Strategic placement on core display and promotional end caps

  • POS promotion

  • Dedicated in-store personnel to maintain inventory properly faced, and fully stocked

  • Inclusion in scans promotion

  • Performance reports on select programs

  • End caps and shadow boxes in various positions available at either/both locations


  • Static ad banner (300 x 250) on

  • Custom editorial on

  • Feature recipe on

  • Social Media promotion on Berkeley Bowl social channels

  • Featured product placement on Berkeley Bowl eCommerce platform


Package Details

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